Monday, 7 December 2015

Parents are hiring pre-matrimonial detectives. Why?

Detectives are now hired to before binding into a relationship to check not only fidelity and bank balance, , questions on premarital affairs and to see if he/she has a child from a previous relationship, but also food habits and gender preferences too.
People generally hide facts about themselves, their families, work and more before being into marriage. That’s why parents are hiring such investigators or detectives for personal investigation to know everything about that person.
The thrust of these investigations is depend upon the person's financial condition. We also get calls to check the sexual preferences of the groom and bride.

'The way people lie is shocking:
Earlier, people wanted to check on their fiance's fidelity, their bank balance but now a days a person's real gender is also being suspected. The way people lie is shocking. And so many of these cases come, that people hide their truth. Parents can't ask questions openly so hire detectives and they find out and tell what you want to know in less than a month.

Food choice is also an issue:
In several cases people want to know about groom/ bride’s food preference i.e. vegetarian or non- vegetarian.  This type of enquiry  brings up questions on their food preferences and this can be a huge cultural concern.
For this detective tap the person's friend circle and start the enquiries.

Matrimonial profile scares:
Finding deceptive wedding profiles on matrimonial sites is another issue.  People behind these profiles to be fraudsters is scary, such people just want to extract money.  There are some woman who kept helping a man with money, for finance to book the marriage hall. Some families want to know if the boy/girl has had an affair or is in a relationship presently. Some people also want to know that the prospective bride/groom is healthy.
Can be time-consuming 
Being a detective isn't easy, for you have to put your own life on the backburner. While this business may be booming in this time, it's also costly. "To start shadowing people, sleuths have to follow subject, study their routines etc. This involves a lot of money and time, but in the end it all seems worth it when it help to take right decision.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Better be more optimistic and less complain

Always be positive:
Our brain is known to have a negativity bias. Psychologists say that our brain reacts strongly and there is a greater chance to react negative at some things due to surge electrical pulses in it. And that’s why we notice all the wrong things first. We should need to make a habit to notice the positive thinking in all aspects of our lives. This can help us to be more positive and happier than we are.

Complain in moderation:
Of course you have your complaints and problems with yours, everyone does. But trying not to whine over petty grievances can take you a long way. Keep on mind what all you can do to eliminate your problems, rather than becoming Moaning Myrtle.

Who do you want to be?
Because of your complaining nature you could be that person who people always want to avoid. You could become the friend who is always optimistic and brings happiness into everyone's lives. This desire to change your image and to become someone who is always positive, can help you deal with your attitude of complaining.

Things grows whenever you focus on that:
Life coaches and authors of self-realisation books have reiterated that whatever we think about, is what we are and whatever aspect of life we really focus on, is the aspect that takes over our lives and grows exponentially. So, if we channel our focus on happiness, optimism and positivity, that is what our lives will overflow with. For once, forget your complaints and look for all the things in your life that you are happy and grateful for and then focus on them.

Find a buddy who is good listener:
Good listening skills are very  rare. Find people who can lend a kind ear, before you told out your problems. You need someone who can help you and solve your problems, give a different perspective and help you to move on.